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      3. Company outline
           Japanese foreign-owned enterprise  Main Equipment
        Company Name Shang Hai Dong Hua Knitting Machine Co.,Ltd. Face Lathe 1300mm 1 set
        Address No.475 Lu Jia Jiao Cun Xu Jing Zhen , Qing Pu Qu, Shanghai City, CHINA General-Purpose Lathe 4 sets
        Postal code 201702 Plane Grinding Machine 9 sets
        Telephone 021 59840171 NC Milling Machine 7 sets
        021 59840024 NC Machining Center 5 sets
        E-mail [email protected]   Japanese NC lathe 4 sets
        Sales Dept. [email protected] Wire Cutting Machine 2 sets
        http://www.antispylab.com General-Purpose Milling Machine 25 sets
        The Chairman Hisatsugu Azuma (permanently stationed) Radial Boring Machine 3 sets
        The President
        Hisatsugu Azuma NC Radial Boring Machine 1 set
        Precision Small Lathe 4 sets
        1,290,000 USD Small Boring Machine  10 sets
        Factory site area
        3000u Band Saw Machine 3 sets
        Machine and metal parts processing, Small precision parts processing, Milling and lathe processing, Bending Machine 1 set
          Griding small precision parts processing, Processing jig of NC machines for small precision parts processing, Assembly, Casting, Die-Casting, Lost wax casing, Aluminum, Stainless stell, MC nylon Press Machine 1 set
        Sales per one year 15,000,000 RMB Shot Blast Machine 1 set
        70 Welding Machine 3 set
        Bank Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Inspection Tools
        Cao he jing Development Area Branch
        Place of shipping
        Japan 75% South Korea 20% China domestic 5%
        Feature of Company
        It is possible to order from 1 piece and to offer it as at low price as a complex processing. Other Equipment 
        Subsidiary Touka Machine Co.,Ltd. Subcontractor
        3-7-1 Inada Honmachi, Higashi Osaka city, Osaka  Quenching
        Chairman    Shuhei Azuma   Surface Treatment
        Osaka branch
        TEL:080-5359-8997 FAX:06-6746-6844 TOP
        E-mail: [email protected]
        We keep the quality of product, the date of delivery,
        and are aiming at the enterprise trusted by our customers