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      3. Equipment list
        Main equipment machine          
        Vertical lathe 1500 2machines   General-purpose milling machine 18machines
        Face lathe 1300 1machine   Radial boring machine 3machines
        General-purpose lathe   14machines   NC Radial boring machine 1machine 
        The inside and outside cylinder grinding machine 200x750mm 1machine   Precision small lathe 7machines
        NC milling machine


        13machines   Small boring machine 23machines

        NC machining center

          4machines   Gear processing machine 3machines

        Numerical milling machine

          7machines   Bending machine 1machine
        NC lathe   5machines   Press machine 3machines

        Plane grinding machine

        1000*400 2machines   Shot blast machine 1machine

        Plane grinding machine

        600*300 2machines   Welding machine 4machines

        Plane grinding machine

        400*200 4machines   Inspection tools 1unit

        Wire cut

          2machines   Coating equipment 1unit
        The 1st factory General-purpose milling/Lathe processing
        The 2nd factory Grinding/Small parts precision/Parts assembling/ Inspection
        The 3rd factory NC machining/Small parts jig processing/Resin finishing/Wire cut
        The 4th factory Lathe@processing/Parts warehouse
        Cooperation factory Sheet metal/Quenching/Surface finishing/Coating
        Inspecting room    
        We keep the quality of product, the date of delivery,
        and are aiming at the enterprise trusted by our customers